Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 On Tuesday

Hopefully this post will "post" on Tuesday...it's 11:29 so I have 30 minutes!
10. This weekend Kendyn was baptized...here are some of the pictures!

We had to wake Kendyn up a little so he knew what was going on...but right after I had woken him up, he went back to sleep!

My grandfather was able to make the service. Oh how it has changed since Kayin was baptized 3 years ago. Both sets were able to make it...sadly, both grandmothers (Kendyn's namesakes) were watching from up above and my other grandfather is not able to be mobile as easily as he used to be.
Aunt Maggie givin' Kendyn some love!Nana & Papa Grandma & GrandpaGodParents Josh and Maggie will be welcoming their little boy soon!! GodParents John and Audra will be welcoming their little girl soon!! Don't you just love that smile on Kendyn?! Our family with Pastor Sheri...it was kind of neat! We had Kayin baptized at this same church when we first moved here and a lot of the congregation commented on how much she continues to grow and how much Kendyn looks like her!
Auntie Char came all the way from North Carolina!! Again, don't you just love that face?!
9. This weekend was filled with lots of events! We started out by having a little get together for my parents' birthdays, followed by my sister-in-law's baby shower, and finishing out the weekend with Kendyn's baptism. Justin's parents were able to fly out for the event and took the kids to the hotel for awhile...Kendyn couldn't get enough of the water! He loves to swim!! 8. And here is our other little waterbug swimming with Grandpa. She still is a little worried to go under the water but if she had floaties or a life jacket on, pretty sure she would want to be in the water all day and by herself (miss little independent)! 7. This sequence of pictures captures the many faces of Kendyn...one minute he can be laughing and smiling... ...and the next minute something has him scared and he is crying! 6. Who can resist this little face? He turned 4 months on the 22nd of June, ALREADY, and has grown up so fast! He can roll over (has completely rolled over twice, but isn't sure he likes doing it), can pull himself up on his hands when having tummy time, eat his toes (this is a favorite of his now that he is teething), if holding your hands, can lift up his head and go from a sitting to standing position! We have a feeling he may be a fast crawler and in no time, be walking! This morning, during tummy time, he lift his bottom like he was getting ready to crawl! 5. We are ready for VACATION!!

4. Speaking of vacation, after summer school training last week, I will probably have to spend some time "working on school stuff"...whoever claims that teachers still get 3 months off in the summer, well, I would like to see their proof of that claim!

3. I am running out of things to say and it is now 12:04...

2. I have to take Justin to work in the morning at 7:30...

1. Hence, why I am going to sign off now!

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