Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday

Well, the date finally arrived and it was TIME TO CELEBRATE!!! It has become something to think about each year around Kayin's we celebrate on her actual birthday with friends or wait? This year, the answer was easy...we needed to wait (not only was Kendyn still pretty young, but my grandmother had just passed away and her funeral was on Good Friday). And actually, waiting is something I think we are leaning more and more towards...the timing has been perfect the last two years because I can devote my time to the party planning after school is out.

It's hard to imagine our lil' girl is 4...going on 20! This last year has been such an emotional roller coaster ride -- introduced not only to heaven (twice), but also puppy heaven as well as life with a new little brother. She has grown up so much this last year and I am sure that I am repeating myself, but it's hard to imagine that she is 4 and growing up so fast!

She had a great time and enjoyed seeing all of her friends--she has been counting down the days the last couple of weeks and today was no different. Refusing to take a nap, not wanting to eat, wanting to help decorate, insisted on making cupcakes at 6:00 in the proved to be quite a day!

Here are some pictures from the party...ENJOY!
Wouldn't be a garden/flower party without planting flowers with her friends!
Some of the table decorations...I forgot to take pictures of the table with everything on it (oops)! The glass jars I had left over from a flower arrangement from something I had here at the house, put a little scrapbook paper on them with ribbon and woala...coordinating decorations! And...I couldn't resist these flowers at a local grocery store!
She wanted to do crafts with her friends like she does at "M"s house for daycare...we had left-over foam animal critters from the last week of school (camp week) and found foam flower bookmarks at Hobby Lobby. This was a great activity and independent for little ones!
She opted to do cupcakes this year instead of a cake...found these straws at Dollar Tree, but cut the tops and bottoms off enough to put into the cupcake for a decoration! The Dollar Tree was a friend of mine for this party! :)

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Sharon Brinkmeyer said...

WOW--looks like a great party. Sorry we weren't able to be a part of it.
Granma & Granpa Brinkmeyer