Monday, November 17, 2008

Hide N Seek Harper

Kayin initiated this all on her own. I guess she has learned that Harper will is patient with her as long as she plays nice with him and talks with him after she is done! As I was cooking or unloading the dishwasher on Saturday morning, I noticed out the corner of my eye that Kayin had gotten a blanket from her bedroom and was playing peek-a-boo with Harper. She was even saying "Where's Harper? Where is Harper?" and then would uncover him and say "Here he is!"
I love this picture of her and Harper together! I think they are going to be great playmates, as long as he can handle this early "Terrible Two's" we are starting to see. (She has had to have a couple of time outs, but is learning quickly!!).

This picture is as if she is really trying to tell him something serious. There will be moments throughout the day that she will just rattle on and on about something and this was one of those. Harper just laid there like a good ole' boy and listened to her babbling.

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Sharon Brinkmeyer said...

This was just ONE of the moments that had us in stitches, but it was a dandy!! When she starts "talking" to Harper, it's just like she expects him to carry on the conversation!!