Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thanks Aunt "Mimi"

Aunt Mimi is notorious for shopping at Gymboree (and she has pretty darn good taste I might add). However, it seems as though she has been frequenting their "family and friends" opportunities anytime she can. She also takes advantages of using her "Gym-bucks". A couple of weeks ago, she brought Kayin a box of Christmas goodies which included all the components of several different outfits...and when I say all the components, I mean all of the components down to the shoes and bows for lil' missy's hair! Well, last week she ran across the new line of pink and brown polka-dots. If you have ever seen Kayin's closet, it's filled with mostly browns and pinks. So, here came Aunt Mimi with another round of clothes. This is just one of many outfits that has filled Kayin's closets. Amazingly enough, she even has brown and pink bows to match...and brown shoes with pink polka-dots. Kayin will also be sporting a new swimsuit at the Brinkmeyer family vacation down at the Ozarks this summer! More pictures to come! (It was hard enough getting her to stand for these poses!

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