Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Feeding Time

Many of you know that Kayin loves her babies! Well, today we were cleaning through some of her toys and she came across another new baby! I continued to clean around her toy area and she took her new baby to the futon (in another area of the room where I couldn't see her) and she started talking to her baby and telling her "it's okay, it's okay". This was not a posed picture at all...I guess the baby was hungry! I have a feeling Kayin is going to be a nurturing individual in the future. Hmmm....wonder who she gets that from?


Audra said...

ahhhhh- reminds me of pucca when she was little mama! So sweet!

Sharon Brinkmeyer said...

We'll have fun playing "dollies" this week!! WE can't wait to hold you & kiss you again, Kayin!!
Grandma & Grandpa