Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 on Tuesday

10 On Tuesday

10. What a whirlwind it has been, but we couldn't be more blessed!! We welcomed Kendyn Lou-Douglas Brinkmeyer exactly a week ago on Tuesday, February 22nd. He is an amazing addition and we can't wait to get to know him! Kayin has been an amazing big sister so far and LOVES him to pieces!!9. Yesterday, when Kendyn was napping, I overheard Kayin in his room--she had taken a blue teddy bear and placed it by his feet, drawn his curtains closed, and was sitting on her stool reading him a story. She is liking this "big sister" role!
8. Daddy took time away from the hospital to spend with Kayin out in the snow during the snow storm we got on Thursday . They had lots of fun and Kayin's favorite part...throwing snow balls at Daddy!
7. My mother-in-law has adorned her neck with these little charms representing each grandchild. Lillian Vernon, of course, has changed some things around and the pink Mary Jane with some "bling bling" had a matching blue bootie for boys, but no longer carry it! But, I wear my little silver charms around my neck showing them off!

6. Have you ever wondered how you could possibly function on about 3 hours of sleep? For the first couple of nights at home, this is exactly what we were thinking as we were waking up during the night for feedings. The whole "feeding" process for me is taking about 2 hours...due to latching, supplementing, then pumping. Prior to leaving the hospital, we had many conversations with the lactation consultants for suggestions. I had difficulty with my "equipment" when Kayin was born and for the 6-weeks following her birth, tried everything to be successful with breasfeeding. However, it just wasn't working and I was a walking zombie 24/7. When speaking with the lactation consultants last week, I was dropped another bombshell that my "equipment" may not work again. I was devasted, but they were so supportive in helping us try lots of different techniques! I know what is best for Kendyn, but this just may not work. We are looking at it in a new perspective this time and taking it day by day. Luckily, he is still wanting to latch on, although only for a short time, but knowing that he is getting some of the nutrients I can provide to him is a good feeling.

5. With that being said, I have learned alot about myself as a mommy and a wife.

4. I am slowly learning to let go of the little things...laundry, dishes, making the bed, taking a shower every day, dusting, vacuuming. They'll get done one of these days and my new motto: a messy house is a LOVED house!

3. Kayin had a great time with both sets of her grandparents here. While Grandma and Grandpa Brinkmeyer were here, they spent some time at The Children's Museum here in Lincoln. I am not sure what her favorite part was...

2. While Nana and Papa were here, Kayin helped bake treats for our OBGYN's office and the Labor and Delivery 5th floor nurses. She even convinced us to have a dance party...which has now become a nightly ritual with Kendyn!! She and Papa spent some time outside in the snow. She was upset because the snow was "too hard" to make a snow angel so Papa had to "stir" it up to make it softer.
1. I think I hear someone starting to wake up ... gotta go!

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