Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 On Tuesday

10. On Saturday, Nana & Papa joined my cousins, their children, and my grandfather for the Shrine Circus here in Lincoln. It was bittersweet for me...I wasn't able to go due to the lil' man, but so LOVED seeing the smile on my lil' girl's face!
9. Before she went, Kayin expressed how SCARED she was of clowns...you wouldn't be able to tell by this picture! She said when she returned home that her favorite part of the circus was, "Seeing the clowns mommy!! They were sooooo silly and made me laugh sooooo hard!"
8. Can you believe this lil' guy is a month old...TODAY??!! I went to bed last night thinking about how emotional I was that Monday night before our scheduled c-section.

7. Yet another art project that I think we are going to try this summer...maybe not so elaborate as this one, but who doesn't have a clay pot laying around somewhere? This is a birdhouse and from the looks of it, we don't think it will be too difficult to put together--and how colorful!
6. Kayin and I had a girl date today at our neighborhood library for story hour. She was a little hesitant to sit up with the "crowd of kids" but after awhile, moved on up there!!
5. Yesterday marked yet another birthday for me! I don't know who was more excited...Kayin or daddy when they found the cookie cake! Good thing they didn't put all the candles on...we could have had a fire!
4. Nothing sweeter than listening to Daddy read a story to his kiddos.
3. Resting with Nana...pretty sure he could stay in this position all day long! He loves to SNUGGLE!!
2. She falls in love with him more and more every day. It's amazing to see how protective she is of her little brother and how much she LOVES him!! Justin and I couldn't have asked for a better bigger sister for Kendyn!

1. I am pretty sure that these next 4 weeks that I get to stay at home and finish my maternity leave are going to FLY by!!