Friday, March 4, 2011

We took Kendyn to his first check-up after dismissal from the hospital and we couldn't have asked for a better doctor!! He is great with the kids and Kayin loves to visit him (unless he has to do something with her ears). She was so excited to help out and was anxious to hear his heartbeat!!
One week old already!!
Getting some lovin' from his older sister!
Chillin' on the boppy--he loves to hang out in the boppy and take everything in. He isn't quite sure about tummy time yet but we are working on little increments of time to build up his strength!! He is attempting to lift his head and is a strong little guy!
Not sure what he thinks about Harper yet--got a good look at him today!
My art project I worked on the other day--got the idea from the doctor's office. A nurse had seen something similar and new she could make it. I think it was about 1/4 of the original price. I picked up the supplies with coupons and 1/2 off deals! It's a great decoration to bring in Spring!
On the topic of craft projects...I am sure you have seen these wooden door decorations...for anywhere from 25-40 dollars! Justin and I are both creative enough that we thought we would give it a try and make one ourselves! Justin picked up the wood (already pre-ctu into 3 x 3 foot squares) at Home Depot (for about 5 dollars), drew on the design, and then cut it out. It was my job to paint the shamrock, tie on the bow, and hang with wire. It turned out pretty cute and gave me a little something to do at home on during my stay on maternity leave. We have stocked up wood for the upcoming holidays to make some more!

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Sharon Brinkmeyer said...

WOW, Kendyn is changing allready!! Cute pics with Kayin & Harper. Like your new decorations.